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Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint of Icelandic fish

Icelandic fisheries contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, although the companies are continuously seeking means to reduce such emissions. Nevertheless, the carbon footprint due to fishing is small compared to that associated with other sources of protein. This has been confirmed by a study conducted by Matís (a government owned, non-profit, independent research company) in collaboration with Icelandic fisheries companies.

The following is the carbon footprint of Icelandic cod in comparison to selected protein providers; the results do not include transportation.

Icelandic cod

Kg CO2 eq/Kg Product

Swedish pork

Kg CO2 eq/Kg Product

Swedish chicken

Kg CO2 eq/Kg Product

Norwegian salmon

Kg CO2 eq/Kg Product

Norwegian cod

Kg CO2 eq/Kg Product

We seek to minimise our carbon footprint by:

  1. measuring our carbon footprint
  2. reducing emissions even further
  3. offsetting and binding carbon