In the field of fisheries

We support the education system in the field of fisheries

The Fisheries Education Network

The education network is a website that provides teaching and information material on the fishing industry at the primary and secondary school level. The material is reviewed and selected by professionals at the university, secondary and primary school levels who have experience in teaching and developing teaching materials.

Herring Fisheries Research Fund

The goals of the Herring Fisheries Research Fund include strengthening innovation and research in the fisheries sector as well as promoting education and information activities. The most extensive task of the Fund in recent years has been awarding grants for the creation of teaching materials on the Icelandic fishing industry (and related topics).

We strengthen our connections with the educational system and promote exciting job opportunities in the fisheries industry throughout Iceland.


Vitinn is an ideas competition held by Fisheries Iceland and Reykjavík University (HR) where HR students are given the opportunity to develop and create solutions for companies in the fisheries sector.

The Technical College

The specific role of the Technical College, school of the industry, is to educate sought-after employees in crafts, industrial work, technical work and marine engineering, as well as marine captains and masters of ships, for work in Icelandic as well as international working environments at sea and on land. The goal of the owners of the college is that the school provide skilled workers to the labour market. Fisheries Iceland (SFS) is one of the owners of the Technical College.